CUPE Local 716 endorses…

Our Trustees are very important. We want to vote for Trustees who will listen and understand the needs of CUPE members. CUPE 716 recently sent a survey to all Trustee Candidates and received some very thoughtful responses. Showing all their answers on our website would take too many pages so please view their answers to our questions here.

CUPE 716 endorses the following candidates for Richmond School District Trustee:
Sandra Nixon
Heather Larson
Andrew Scallion
Grace Tsang
Ken Hamaguchi
Donna Sargent
Eric Yung

And for Richmond Council:
Malcolm Brodie

Bill McNulty
Linda McPhail
Derek Dang
Harold Steves
Kelly Greene
Parm Bains
Jack Trovato
Alexa Loo

Be sure to vote on election day ! It is important.
These candidates ar endorsed by CUPE 394, CUPE 3966, IAFF Local 1286, Richmond Firefighters and CUPE Local 716.