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CUPE Publications

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BC Liberals want to sell school properties

The BC Liberals are trying to force the closure of 19 Vancouver schools. These schools are at the centre of communities and closing them will harm our children’s education. Selling these public assets means never getting them back.

These schools and the property they are built upon belong to the people of British Columbia. They do not belong to the Liberal government and are not theirs to sell. Speak out now before these vital community assets are gone forever.  If you wish to sign a petition to stop school closures please go to this website:

Petition To Stop School Closures

CUPE National Convention November 2 – 6, 2015

CUPE’s National Convention is being held in Vancouver on November 2 – 6, 2015.  CUPE 716 will have representatives attending.  The CUPE National Convention is where Resolutions and proposed Constitutional Amendments are brought forward to be voted on.

CUPE is a very active, caring union and it’s leadership and members are concerned with and involved in many campaigns and issues.  From CPP reform, Transportation Safety, Childcare, Healthcare, Health and Safety in the Workplace; just think of something that helps and benefits you and your family and CUPE is probably working hard to preserve and protect it for you and for future generations.

Breaking Apart The Agricultural Land Reserve

Christy Clark and the BC Liberal government have rammed through Bill 24, a law that will break apart the Agricultural Land Reserve, removing protections from 90 per cent of BC farmland and putting it at risk of industrial development.  To read publilshed articles regarding this please click on the links below:

Vancouver Sun Story on ALR law change

Huffington Post Article on Bill 24

The only change the Agricultural Land Reserve should see when the pressure to ‘develop’ is applied is more and stronger protection. A good government would increase the protection of our agricultural land. This government is trying to break it up and weaken the laws that protect it.