Alberta, Alberta !

Welcome back to a busy school year. CUPE staff will be there keeping the schools running smoothly.

With Richmond and Vancouver considering closing schools, and supposedly then selling the land the schools are built on, meaning it will be gone pretty well forever, why don’t we take a look at how our neighbour, Alberta is doing things?

Alberta’s ideas are better than ours

The province of Alberta has a guideline utilization rate of 85 per cent, but that it is not a firm requirement. Both Vancouver and Richmond already have an 85-per-cent utilization rate.

“The Calgary Board of Education has a recommended school utilization rate of 80 per cent,” said Joanne Anderson, the board’s media relations representative. “As a whole, the … system utilization rate is 86 per cent, and more than one-third of schools are over 90 per cent. By freeing up space, schools have more flexible learning spaces and can maintain other learning spaces such as music and art rooms and a school learning commons (library).”

The Calgary Board of Education just approved a three-year capital plan asking for 20 new schools and 13 major upgrades. The objective of the plan is to get schools back to just 80 per cent utilization.

Richmond Town Hall Event with Rob Fleming

Be there or be square !  Town Hall Meeting with Rob Fleming will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016. The location is the Steveston Hotel Conference Room, 12111 Third Avenue, Richmond. Time is from 4:00 – 5:00. If you are interested in the future of public education, be there.

Education is fast becoming a central issue in the next provincial election. With over 5 neighbourhood schools targeted for closure by the BC Liberals and the chronic underfunding of our K-12 public education system, parents, students, teachers, support staff, and others are very concerned with the future of education in British Columbia.

Bring your concerns and share your stories about public education with us. The Richmond New Democratic Party is proud to announce a town hall meeting scheduled for Saturday, September 24, 2016. Steveston Hotel, Richmond. Address is 12111 Third Avenue, Richmond. Time is 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Rob Fleming, the NDP MLA for Victoria-Swan Lake and Education Critic is the keynote speaker.

Mr. Fleming will give a short introduction and open the floor to questions and comments from attendees. What are the public education issues in our community? Here’s an opportunity to voice your concerns and let the BC NDP know what matters to you most.

Q & A Town Hall with Rob Fleming, Sept 24th. Steveston Hotel (Conference Room) 12111 Third Avenue Richmond (Steveston area). Time: 4:00 – 5:00 pm.

Everyone who is concerned and interested in the future of education in British Columbia is encouraged to attend the town hall meeting.


Colleen Glynn, Richmond NDP. Phone: 604-272-5538


Worksafe BC Contest (win a prize!)

Worksafe BC publishes a magazine every 2 months with information on workplace safety. Each issue they have a ‘Spot the Hazard’ type of photo and invite readers to find the dangers and email a list of the hazards you found. We are too late to enter their July contest but watch for the next issue. If you, as a CUPE 716 member are a winner of their ‘Spot the Hazard’ contest, your local will award you a prize of $50.

Go to: and click on ‘Spot the hazards’. If you send an entry, be sure to include your full name, work title, workplace and workplace location.

It pays to know workplace safety. In more ways than one.

CUPE Publications

CUPE likes to stay in touch with it’s members and offers all sorts of communication and help.  Please visit the page below by clicking on the link.  Have ever wondered who is ‘CUPE’ and what does CUPE do?  Hey Surprise, if you are a member of a CUPE Local, YOU are CUPE.  Check out the publications and see what the CUPE Executive and CUPE members are doing all across Canada.  Great information available to you:

CUPE Publications

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Contracting In – Bringing Services Home

At the recent Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ annual conference in Winnipeg, CUPE sponsored a workshop titled ‘From Outsourced to In House: Save Money, Avoid Headaches”. In the workshop, the benefits of delivering municipal services in house were highlighted. In most cases, in-house services save money and are higher quality, more transparent, and more accountable.  To read the report visit the following webpage:

Back In House