Your Health & Safety Committees

Our union bargains for health and safety rules to prevent injury and even death on the job. We stand up for workers and provide the protection they need to feel secure in reporting incidents and workplace hazards. We all have to work together to be sure those laws are enforced.

Our Health & Safety committees are here to raise awareness about workplace hazards. They ensure that incidents, injuries, and possible hazards, are properly reported and they provide support to workers who have been injured on the job.

As a member of CUPE Local 716 you will be receiving a request in the interoffice mail to consider joining your worksite’s Health & Safety Committee. Please consider the request carefully. Each worksite should have a representative who is trained on how to ensure injuries and dangers are reported.

You will be helping yourself and your brothers and sisters in CUPE local 716.


EAP Summer 2016 Solutions Newsletter

Family Services Employee Assistance Programs (FSEAP) are available to all CUPE 716 members. FSEAP or EAP are a wonderful benefit of belonging to a union. They offer Counselling sessions to people who are having difficulty in various person and work related matters, as well as other benefits.

Their Summer Newsletter is worth a read to help get you into the vacation mode. Take a break from the hectic pace of work and have some relaxation time. Please note however that once you read it, they are recommending you step away from the screen.  It’s summer. Get out and enjoy this great season.

FSEAP Summer 2016 Solutions Newsletter



Contracting In – Bringing Services Home

At the recent Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ annual conference in Winnipeg, CUPE sponsored a workshop titled ‘From Outsourced to In House: Save Money, Avoid Headaches”. In the workshop, the benefits of delivering municipal services in house were highlighted. In most cases, in-house services save money and are higher quality, more transparent, and more accountable.  To read the report visit the following webpage:

Back In House

Labour Day Event

Summer Vacay is almost here and CUPE 716 hopes all School District Employees will find time to relax, unwind and enjoy their holidays.

But it’s never too early to plan an outing for the last day of holidays before the next work year! Labour Day, A holiday just for us, the hard workers of the world. Like so many good things, this day is brought to you by unions.

The BC Federation of Labour is planning a great event for this coming Labour Day, September 5, 2016.  Great Band: 54 – 40. Lots of fun for families too with kids’ games and prizes. Be ready to enjoy Great Food and a Beer Garden.  It’s all happening at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby from 11:00 – 3:00 pm. Sponsored by CUPE BC, USW and BCGEU. Come on out and have some fun on the last day before we begin another year of hard work.

Click on the link for poster:




You as a Union Member are a Taxpayer

Since the 1940’s think tanks have engaged in a battle of ideas.  One of their main tactics in this battle, is to provide reports, accompanied by news releases, to the media. They make the work of the journalist easier by reducing the time and resources which must otherwise be committed to a story.

Consider some of these organizations: the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Fraser Institute, the Coalition of BC Businesses, the Business Council of BC, Labour Watch, etc.

In the climate of mistrust they create, it is easier to convince a ‘taxpayer’ that they are being made to pay for waste. These reports don’t tell how tax revenue supports social services, education, health, policing, firefighting, or infrastructure such as city streets, multi-lane highways, overpasses, bridges, sidewalks, street lights, ferries, sewage systems, and on and on. Seldom is it mentioned that our civilization is stronger because of these services.

Also, consider how much tax is paid by unionized employees. It comes right off of your paycheques – there is no black market or under the table pay involved when it comes to union workers and it’s a fact that their taxes contribute generously to the public purse. Because you are a taxpayer you have earned a right to enjoy the benefits of our developed society. After all, you certainly contribute to it for the benefit of all.


The Value of Public Services

For decades, the right has flooded the airwaves and taken over the political podiums with its anti-tax hysteria.  But Canadians are waking up to the simple truth that taxes are the price we pay for civilization, and that scrimping on taxes means scrimping on civilization.‘ – Linda McQuaig, author and Journalist

Life in the 21st century as we know it, would not be possible without public services. They form the backbone of a civilized and safe society.  Every Canadian uses an average of $41,000 worth of public services annually (Mackenzie and Shillington 2009:3). If they had to pay for those services via user fees, with the average Canadian income for a single person at about $32,000, they would not have any money left for food, shelter and clothing.


CUPE Publications

CUPE likes to stay in touch with it’s members and offers all sorts of communication and help.  Please visit the page below by clicking on the link.  Have ever wondered who is ‘CUPE’ and what does CUPE do?  Hey Surprise, if you are a member of a CUPE Local, YOU are CUPE.  Check out the publications and see what the CUPE Executive and CUPE members are doing all across Canada.  Great information available to you:

CUPE Publications

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