71 days till Election Day

Election day in BC is May 9th 2017. We have the chance to make our province better. We don’t have to accept skyrocketing fees for MSP, Hydro, ICBC and tuition – while the wealthy and well connected get higher tax breaks. We don’t have to accept the underfunding of public education while private schools get increased subsidies. There is a better way.

John Horgan and the NDP want to build a diverse economy, strong communities, raise a healthy and well educated population, and make sure families are supported with affordable housing and childcare.

Christy Clark is spending millions of your tax dollars on a big advertising campaign in an attempt to cling to power. There is a way to fight back and it’s so easy – with your vote.

A lot of bad things have happened to Beautiful BC during the Liberal Government’s tenure. It’s a long list, have a look right here. Just to refresh your memory before they start spending the big dollars (yours) to tell you how good they are.

Message from your President

Greetings members of CUPE Local 716.

I have made a bold decision to retire from the Richmond School District after 30 plus years, including over 20 years in some capacity with this wonderful CUPE Union. I will not be seeking another term on April 5th as President. My final day in the CUPE office will be April 5, 2017 and then I’ll be on vacation until April 28, 2017.

I am proud and privileged to have worked with the hard working and dedicated executive members of our local over the years and also to have met CUPE members from various working groups within the district, provincially, and those in other provinces.

You are in good hands with CUPE representatives not only within CUPE Local 716 but nationally with President Mark Hancock and Secretary Treasurer Charles Fleury and here in BC, President Paul Faoro and Secretary Treasurer Trevor Davies.

I wish you all the best of luck for the future and please support your Union.

In Solidarity


Next General Meeting

The next General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 8, 2017. Our meetings are held at Palmer Secondary School, 8160 St Albans Road, Richmond and run from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. All members are invited and very welcome.

If you are new to the union you might have questions but aren’t sure who to ask. You should attend a General Meeting as this is the place to be to get information about how the union works with, and for, you. And don’t worry, the people are friendly.

CUPE 716 Scholarships 2017

This year we are offering a total of 5 scholarships to the children of CUPE 716 members. If you have a child who is graduating from Secondary School this year, you may wish to apply for one of these scholarships. You can find information about the scholarships here:

Scholarship App Info

RSB Local 716 Scholarship Application 2017

Gordon Cameron Scholarship Application 2017

2017 Scholarship Information

Applications must be sent by Canada Post and postmarked by May 12, 2017. They can be hand delivered to the Union office at Sea Island School (upstairs) from Monday – Wednesday until May 9, 2017. Winners will be informed by May 31, 2017. This Scholarship information is also being sent in hard copy form to each worksite.

Why the Rush?

Canada’s Federal Government is pushing through the signing of CETA, without consulting the people of the country and against the wishes of Canadian labour leaders. Our labour leaders believe this deal will harm the wellbeing of many working people in the country. Why the rush?

CUPE says:

  • Remove all investor rights rules from the deal
  • Protect public services from privatization
  • Stop pharmaceutical patent extensions
  • Protect procurement across services and sectors
  • Include a real mechanism for enforcing labour rights

Is Privatization Good?

There was a time when government was responsible for the upkeep of infrastructure and for providing education, health care, etc. Governments have been taken over by business friendly politicians and a few decades ago a push for privatization began. Because the concept of ‘privatization’ was accompanied by good PR, the idea was readily accepted by the general public. We are now seeing some of the disastrous results worldwide. In Australia, as in just about every other corner of the world, the ‘Global Economy’ has changed the lives of people.

One former advocate for privatization, Rod Sims, the Chief of the ACCC is dismayed at how it has changed the quality of product, eg. their health care has declined, yet the cost has increased. Often doubling or tripling over a few years. He now says that privatization has damaged the economy.

Your Pension

CUPE 716 members are part of the Municipal Pension Plan. To find out more information about your pension, or to download forms, visit the MPP website. You are already a member and can start an account and find out the answers to all your questions there. It’s well worth taking a little test drive around the site before you retire.

The Municipal Pension Plan offers workshops for you to learn more about your pension before you retire. They are worth attending so you can be well informed and plan for your future.

$$$ alert (win a prize!)

Worksafe BC publishes a magazine every 2 months with information on workplace safety. Each issue has a ‘Spot the Hazard’ photo and readers are invited to find the dangers and email a list of the hazards you found.

If you, as a CUPE 716 member are a winner of their ‘Spot the Hazard’ contest, not only will you win their prize of $50. but we, local 716, will also award you a prize of $50 That makes a total of $100 if you can ‘Spot the Hazard’.

If you send an entry, be sure to include your full name, work title, workplace and workplace location. It pays to know workplace safety, in more ways than one.

We care about each other

We work together as friends and family and we care about each other. If you are aware of any major event that has been experienced by one of your co-workers, for example a birth or death in the family, or of an injury or illness they may have suffered, please let us know by contacting the CUPE office at 604-273-1651. Depending on the event, we will send flowers or a card. You might prefer to email your Shop Steward and they will let us know. We’ll even tell you who your Shop Steward is.

We need your help. No one can be physically there at every worksite in the District so we need you to let us know of events in the lives of your friends and co-workers.