Know Your Collective Agreement

Your Collective Agreement is one of the most important documents you will ever be given. It contains all the contract agreements that are meant to help and protect you at work. If you have questions about what is and isn’t allowed, the first place to look is the Collective Agreement. Keep your copy handy and read it through.

If you are wondering ‘What will the Union do for me?’ check your Collective Agreement. The Union will protect all the hard won benefits in your Collective Agreement.

A copy of the Collective Agreement 2014-2019 is available on this website under the ‘Resources’ tab.

Scholarship Applications 2018

CUPE 716 is offering four (4) $500 scholarships this year to grade 12 children of our local’s members. The scholarships consist of: two academic scholarships, one trades scholarship, and one fine arts scholarship. To apply, please read the scholarship information sheet and complete the scholarship application. On the scholarship information sheet you will find details on what should and should not be included. Please read that over carefully and adhere to the instructions. Deadline for applications to be received is May 9, 2018. If you have questions, call the CUPE office at 604-273-1651.

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Application

Richmond Firefighters offer Scholarships for Richmond Students

Richmond Firefighters do so much for us and our community. We could never thank them enough for their service. They also offer scholarships to Richmond Students. Their Facebook page has information and we are also posting it here for the benefit of our members and their children.

Information about Richmond Firefighters Scholarships

Community Scholarship Information and Application

Jock Murdoch Memorial Scholarship Info and Application

Your Pension

CUPE 716 members are part of the Municipal Pension Plan. To find out more information about your pension, or to download forms, visit the MPP website. You are already a member and can start an account and find out the answers to all your questions there. It’s well worth taking a little test drive around the site before you retire.

The Municipal Pension Plan offers workshops for you to learn more about your pension before you retire. They are worth attending so you can be well informed and plan for your future.

If You Are Injured, Fill Out Form 6

Every injury, no matter how small you may think it is, should be reported. The first thing you should always do is report the injury to your admin and First Aid or Health & Safety rep at your worksite. There is a form that must be completed within 24 hours.

There are two forms that must be completed. One is called a 6a which is the employer’s record of injury. It must be completed but there is ANOTHER form, form 6 which is your record of injury. This also must be completed. Be sure to complete the form 6. It is available here.

Also, if you are injured at work and a meeting is going to be held concerning that injury, and if there is going to be any admin present, a Union rep MUST be in attendance also. If you have been asked to attend such a meeting, do not attend until you have talked to your Shop Steward.