Bargaining has Begun and you’re going to want to read this

Bargaining for wages, a very important point for all of us, is not done by the Executives of CUPE locals. It is done at the Provincial level. They have already been meeting and have come to a tentative agreement.
Attached is the latest Bargaining Bulletin – click here to read this !
We will provide you with additional updates and bulletins as they arrive from the President’s Council.
For updates and information about Bargaining, the website for Provincial Bargaining Bulletins is:

If you have not yet done so, please contact the union office with your personal email address. We want to be able to send notices and bulletins regarding bargaining to you confidentially. You will only receive an email when it is important. Send your personal email address to

Your Bargaining Committee remains dedicated to achieving the best possible agreement for all K-12 support staff.

We Care

We work together as friends and family and we care about each other. If you are aware of any major event that has been experienced by one of your co-workers, for example a birth or death in the family, or of an injury or illness they may have suffered, please let us know by contacting the CUPE office at 604-273-1651. Depending on the event, we will send flowers or a card. You might prefer to email your Shop Steward and they will let us know. We’ll even tell you who your Shop Steward is.

We need your help. No one can be physically there at every worksite in the District so we need you to let us know of events in the lives of your friends and co-workers.

CUPE 716 Scholarship Winners 2018

Every year, CUPE 716 offers four (4) $500 scholarships, given to children of our members who are graduating from Secondary School. The scholarships consist of: two academic scholarships, one trades scholarship, and one fine arts scholarship.
We have our winners !

Joel Levy – Wally Wenn Memorial Trades Scholarship
Carly Drew – Fine Arts Scholarship
Kyle Kwok – Academic Scholarship
Shawn Chang – Reynold Sokolik Memorial Academic Scholarship

Congratulations to these fine young people and to all the excellent applicants. It wasn’t easy for the Trustees to make a decision because they were all such a high standard. Best wishes for a wonderful future.

Collective Agreement

Your Collective Agreement is one of the most important documents you will ever be given. It contains the contract that is meant to help and protect you at work. If you have questions about what is and isn’t allowed, the first place to look is the Collective Agreement 2014-2019. Keep your copy handy and read it through.

A copy of the Collective Agreement 2014-2019 is available on this website under the ‘Resources’ tab or if you would like a paper copy, contact the union office. 604-273-1651 or email:

Your Pension

CUPE 716 members are part of the Municipal Pension Plan. To find out more information about your pension, or to download forms, visit the MPP website. You are already a member and can start an account and find out the answers to all your questions there. It’s well worth taking a little test drive around the site before you retire.

The Municipal Pension Plan offers workshops for you to learn more about your pension before you retire. They are worth attending so you can be well informed and plan for your future.