About us

Executive and stewards

If you have questions or comments, please contact us. The union office number is 604-273-1651. In any one of the 24 hours in a day you can email the office at cupe716office@gmail.com

Your Executive:



Ian Hillmam, President




Lisa Devitt, Vice President




TBA after Election, Recording Secretary




Stacey Robinson, Treasurer




Chief Shop Steward, Liz Foster

Clerical Shop Steward, Deb Gray

EA Shop Steward, Nancy Williams

IT Shop Steward, Kelly Gibson

Maintenance Shop Steward, Tim Bakker

Operations Shop Steward, Brigitte Dvorak

Para-Educators Shop Steward, Ingrid Trouw

Transportation Shop Steward, Shelley Peck

Sergeant at Arms, Linda Kouwenhoven

Administrative Assistant, Sharon Griffin-West (Mon – Wed) Union Office – 604-273-1651. Any one of the 24 hours a day you can email the office at cupe716office@gmail.com


The following Committees are represented at CUPE 716:

  • Negotiating Committee – Ingrid Trouw, Tim Bakker, Mike Beckett, Stacey Robinson, with Kelly Gibson as alternate.  As well. the President, Chief Shop Steward and Secretary are automatically appointed to this committee.
  • Health & Welfare Committee – Contact the Union Office at 604-273-1651
  • Health & Safety Committee – Cheryl Harder and Liz Foster
  • Education Committee – Stacey Robinson and Deb Gray
  • Social Committee – Elaine Hodges, Stacey Robinson, and Shelley Peck

What we do

CUPE 716 represents non-teaching school workers in the following schools and worksites  in the Community of Richmond BC:


  • Boyd Secondary
  • Burnett Secondary
  • Cambie Secondary
  • MacNeill Secondary
  • McMath Secondary
  • McNair Secondary
  • McRoberts Secondary
  • Palmer Secondary
  • Richmond Secondary
  • Steveston-London Secondary
  • Station Stretch & Horizons Secondary
  • Anderson Elementary
  • Blair Elementary
  • Blundell Elementary
  • Bridge Elementary
  • Brighouse Elementary
  • Byng Elementary
  • Cook Elementary
  • Currie Elementary
  • DeBeck Elementary
  • Diefenbaker Elementary
  • Dixon Elementary
  • Errington Elementary
  • Ferris Elementary
  • Garden City Elementary
  • Gilmore Elementary
  • Grauer Elementary
  • Hamilton Elementary
  • Homma Elementary
  • Kidd Elementary
  • Kingswood Elementary
  • Lee Elementary
  • Maple Lane Elementary
  • McKay Elementary
  • McKinney Elementary
  • McNeely Elementary
  • Mitchell Elementary
  • Quilchena Elementary
  • Sea Island Elementary
  • Spul’u’kwuks Elementary
  • Steves Elementary
  • Tait Elementary
  • Talmey Elementary
  • Thompson Elementary
  • Tomsett Elementary
  • Westwind Elementary
  • Whiteside Elementary
  • Woodward Elementary
  • Wowk Elementary


  • Administration Building
  • District Resource Centre
  • Maintenance Building
  • Richmond Virtual School
  • SWIS Program
  • Tech Services
  • Transportation